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Fourth Year Law Student Shocked to Learn ‘Property Law’ is Not About How to Buy a House

Student Contribution: Zoe Ellis

It’s a common story. Bright-eyes law student goes into a class expecting to learn some practical legal principles, and comes out with the knowledge of how to exploit shareholder caps on small businesses through crowdfunding. Fun, but not particularly useful if you aren’t an entrepreneur. Law school seems to provide an endless supply of these stories: students set to learn useful skills, and leaves with something else entirely.

Our correspondent caught up with Tyler Spoke, who has just found themself in this very position.

“I was pumped for Property, you know. I’d just come out of another ethics subject, and I was finally ready to learn about housing contracts and stuff. But then I get in there, and that’s not what it was about at all!”

At this point, our correspondent had to give Tyler a moment to collect themself.

“Instead, they’re just talking about real property or something! What even is real property? Does that mean there’s fake property?”

(Our correspondent decided not to point out to Tyler that if they paid attention in class, they would likely know the answer to those questions…)

Studies suggest that each year, 14 Deakin Law Students are misled as to the subject matter of their classes. A student group is in the process of investigating whether there is the possibility of a class action against the university for misleading conduct resulting in emotional distress. More to come.

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