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Fourth Year Law Student Having Nightmares About ‘Commercial Acumen’

Student contribution: Patricia Clarke

Within the hallowed halls of Deakin Law’s new LC building, it’s a

much maligned term blown to mythological proportions by law students,

tutors and law firm HR representatives alike. It’s not a bird, plane

or (sadly) Superman – it’s ‘commercial acumen.’

But what the hell does it mean?

This is the question that’s been plaguing soon-to-be final year student, Jesse Bridges. Or, as he puts it, “if I don’t get a clerkship, I’m extending my degree, so just call me, you know, whatever.”

Our correspondent caught up with our resident Schrodinger’s fourth year on level 7 of the law building, where he’s been regularly spotted sitting opposite the Moot Court. When asked, Jesse explained he thought it might “sink in if [he] got close to the action.”

Turning the screen of his 13” Apple MacBook Air to face our reporter, he

elaborated, “I came up here to do some research for my cover letters but I

just keep going to sleep. They bought some really comfortable seating so it’s an uphill battle. And I just haven’t been sleeping a lot recently with all this to worry about.”

After five seconds of scrolling through the firm’s ‘Views and Values’ page,

our reporter was so bored they skipped straight to the big question. What

is commercial acumen, anyway?

“Oh, you know, like, it’s when you just, so, yeah, just that,” said Jesse,

sweating through his answer. “Thanks for the help man, I’m thinking about it again now so I can’t sleep. Can only go upwards from here.”

Damages Incurred tried other law students for comment but was met with

shrugs, incoherent explanations and at least one strategic migraine. More on this later.



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