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First Year Law Student Skips ‘Just One Class’

Student contribution: Patricia Clarke

Our Damages Incurred correspondent has today spoken to Ella Stevens, a first year Law/Commerce student for whom the glitz and glam of actually studying at university has quickly worn off – not that she’s ready to stop name-dropping her degree at every opportunity, obviously.

“I got back from law camp yesterday and I’m exhausted,” she said candidly. “I haven’t had enough sleep to cope with Contract law at 9AM.”

“So I’m just giving this week a miss and I’ll be back next week in time for Consideration, whatever that is.”

When our reporter questioned whether this would be a permanent change, Ella was quick to deny it. “No, I got to school at, like, literally 8AM every day last year. 9AM is a sleep in, haha.”

“I’m just going to get coffee with my friends today; we all met on camp so it’s important to bond, you know? But like, definitely check in next week. There’s more to follow!”

Damages Incurred regrets to inform our readers that more may not, in fact, follow.



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