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False Alarm: Housemate fears the worst as Law Student seemingly disappears during Exam Period

Student Contribution: Ruby Evans

Today we spoke with Deakin International Studies student Jesse, who had just arrived at the LC Building to begin searching for her housemate, Izzy, who studies Law. She hasn’t been seen in 5 days.

“I’m just really worried. I know it’s currently Exam period, which thankfully I don’t have to worry about because my final assessments were due during the Study Break. But I’ve been home the last 5 days and she hasn’t popped in once - I just hope nothing bad has happened to her!”

We followed Jesse on her mission; through the glass doors, poking her head around the corner at Little Bang, and then up the stairs. Walking down the hallway on Level 3, we turned right and saw two sprawled Asics sneakers poking out of the furthest desk space next to the window.

“Izzy!” Jesse squeals. 

“Huh?” Izzy groans back as she sleeps on her keyboard, pressing down the ‘G’ for who knows how many pages.

“Where have you been!? And… are you wearing the same outfit as the one you wore on Sunday?” (Sunday was the last day Jesse saw Izzy. It was currently Thursday).

“I have so much to do - 3 of my exams are tomorrow, I’ve been sleeping in my car. I haven’t showered. There’s just too much to do!”

Jesse helped a frazzled Izzy out of her seat and back down the stairs to the ground floor. “You weren’t responding to my calls, I almost went to the police - I was worried sick!”

Izzy swore to Jesse that next Trimester she would maintain a healthy and balanced schedule, and maybe attend a few Exam Revision Sessions.

Check back in with us in October, where we’ll see if Izzy stuck to her word in Semester Two (that’s if we can find her).

*Disclaimer* No law student was harmed in the making of this blog post.



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