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Did you hear? I went to Europe!

Student Contribution: Jordan Cook

“Un caffè, per favore! - oh sorry! No no I forgot I’m back in Australia, did you hear? I went to Europe!”

Here we go again. The commencement of Trimester Two signals only one thing. Every single law student talking about their life changing trip they took over the break to Europe. 

Some believe that this trip has completely changed their perspective in life, they have decided that they will permanently move to Italy, Greece, France, Spain or whatever European country has the most sun. Some have actually convinced themselves that they are Italian, Greek, French or Spanish and have made deliberate attempts to convey this to friends - attempting to speak in another language, asking how many euros items cost or even trying to wear their new European wardrobe in freezing Melbourne, that is of course until they eventually give up and throw a puffer on.

Ultimately however, the reality comes crashing down - they don’t have enough money to move, are already halfway through a law degree or have realised that their poor attempt at the French language is laughable at best. However this happens, we wish them luck when the euro high wears off and they eventually have to start paying attention in class.



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