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Coffee induced insomnia: Law students found wandering the library at all hours of the night

Student Contribution: Jordan Cook

The season’s upon us, and no better way to fuel the long hours stuck in the library than with a good cup of coffee. However, it seems that this year’s law students have truly taken this statement to heart with multiple reports coming into our offices of coffee-addicted law students wandering the halls of the Deakin library at all hours of the night.

Our correspondent met up with a library assistant who looked a little sleep-deprived and stressed himself who says he has had to usher law students out of the library as he is worried for their health and safety. “The only way I can lure them out is with the promise that they can come back and bring their coffee in with them the next morning, it’s becoming a real safety hazard and public health issue! I truly believe coffee mixed with law students could be the start of the next epidemic!”

Our correspondent additionally attempted to take a statement with one she found at 3 a.m. the other night, however all she gathered was a lot of incoherent noises, a few case citations and then the student simply said, as if a question, “maccas coffee run?” We believe our correspondent (who is also a law student) may have joined him (as why else was she there at this time in the morning?) but she refuses to say anything further on the matter.

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