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Caught Again: Law Student Heard Answering Every Question Ever with ‘It Depends’

Student Contribution: Megan Sanidad

With clerkship application deadlines closely approaching, our correspondent has encountered fourth-year law student Alan frantically putting together what may be considered a CV.

“Employment history, volunteer experience, hobbies, education… My CV is all polished and ready to go.” Alan says to our correspondent.

Other fourth-year law student Amalie skims through Alan’s CV and nods. “Now you just have to prepare for interviews.”

Our correspondent captured the two students running through a practice interview:

“Ok… first question. Why do you want to clerk?” Amalie asks Alan.

“Well, as a law student that’s studying law-”

“This isn’t a family gathering where you can just constantly mention that you study law. They know that already.” Amalie sighs. She wishes she had a dollar for every time she heard a law student say that they study law (because they are a law student, studying law).

“Why do you want to clerk?” She repeats.

Alan stares into the distance. Why do I want to clerk? He thinks about his experience at law school, his ambitions, his life, his family, every decision that he has ever made that has led him to this moment…

Suddenly, the answer hits him – clear as day.

“It depends.”

Amalie almost tears u. “You’re hired,” she smiles.

Rumours suggest that at any given time, law students continue to answer any question with the golden answer – “It depends”.



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