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Burwood Campus Law Students Take Relationship To The Next Level By Syncing Google Calendars

Student contribution: Patricia Clarke

Damages Incurred has today discovered that local Deakin fourth years, Dan and Kayla, have recently upgraded their relationship in the time-honoured fashion — by syncing up their Google calendars. Professing frequently that she’s not going to say any more because they’re both “really private people, you know?” Kayla has nonetheless been spilling the tea to anyone with the misfortune to be within earshot. This includes our poor correspondent, who was caught in the line for the bathroom.

“So, we finally did it yesterday,” she gushes. When our reporter is slow to respond, she clarifies, “the calendars!”

“It’s super important to me to have my time organised down to every ten minutes. Actually I’m thinking about making it every five. My life is just so busy – you’ll get what I mean when you’re penultimate.”

Our reporter questioned whether Dan is on the same page.

“Absolutely,” Kayla confirms. “You know, between the Law/Commerce degree and his job at Lex Partners Lawyers & Consultants — and that’s a top-tier firm, obviously — it’s just really hard for us to find time to connect.”

“We got coffee during the admin lecture last week, and I felt like we were ready for something more. Obviously it was a big step, but when we finally went for it and synced our calendars, it just made things so much easier.”

“I mean, yeah, I really like him,” she says, giggling.

“I still made him sign a contract though"...tee-hee...



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