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Breaking News: Law student attempts to tell a doctor how to do their job

Student Contribution: Jordan Cook

You never think it would happen to you, you’re flying home and suddenly someone starts to choke and stops breathing. The flight attendant starts to panic and yells for a doctor to try and help this man.

This was exactly the scenario that Ben experienced in real life, he bravely put his hand up and went over to help. However, once he reached the man, he began to tell the man not to worry because he was a law student and knew how to read a contract.

“Basically, I’m a law student. So am I a doctor? Not really, slight technicality actually. However, I know everything because I’m a law student, so I should be the one to tell you about your contract with this airline.”

By this point an actual doctor had rushed over and began CPR on the man, however Ben refused to be quiet and instead began telling the doctor how CPR should actually be done.

“Hello? Can you not hear me, I’m a law student! I read about CPR once and I read that you should be breaking this man’s ribs, and I don’t see you doing that at all. Obviously you’re incorrect. Actually, I was reading a case once, because I’m a law student of course, and that’s what we do, and well this woman actually died on the plane from choking and the doctor who tried to help was sued.”

We have little information about the health of the man, however Ben did ring in to try to tell us he was a law student.



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