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BREAKING: Law student still waiting for unit content to finally click


Penultimate year student Keith Paige is growing more anxious with each passing day.

At week 10 of the trimester, Keith’s exams are looming just around the corner. However, he is shocked to report that his Civil Procedure content hasn’t ‘clicked’ in his mind yet.

“You go through week by week with a half-baked understanding of everything,” Paige tells Damages Incurred over zoom. “But then towards the end of the trimester, you start to get a birds eye view of all the content in context and you reach that “oh okay, I get it,” moment.”

But this time around, that moment has not arrived.

Keith has been diligently keeping up with lectures, and even started on his exam revision. But despite his best efforts, the unit content remains a series of disparate rules and vague concepts that haven’t quite synthesised in his mind.

“Sometimes I feel like law school is learning a bunch of abstract concepts, and hoping to every force in the universe that it makes sense in time for the exam. And usually it does. But I’m getting more and more concerned.”

Keith ultimately resolved to keep trucking along and hope some pensive moment in the shower, or a half asleep mind spiral will hit him with the enlightenment he’s searching for. But for now, the intricacies of Appearance, Joinder and Summary Judgement remain nebulous and just out of reach.

Meanwhile, Keith’s friend Ira has a different perspective.

“Wait, the content ‘clicks’ for you?”

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