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Amazing: law student goes entire Zoom call without mentioning they study law


Local friendship group is shocked when Deakin Law/IR student Corinne Browne (20) makes it through their entire Zoom call without bringing up the fact that she studies law. 

“I was just waiting for the moment she would slip in that she studies law, right up until I hung up” Browne’s friend Nial Mcdonnell recounts. “It wasn’t until the call ended that I could accept that it was real.”

Browne, up until this point, had a tendency to mention she is a law student whenever the opportunity arose, or even when it didn’t. When they went to brunch a few months ago, she ordered a ginger beer and then regaled the group for ten minutes about the importance of Donoughue v Stevenson. 

“So that’s why you can sue manufacturers if they mess up your product. I learned that in consumer law.”

Browne’s Snapchat is also almost exclusively pictures of her textbooks, with the word ‘Law’ strategically in frame. These pictures are also frequently complemented by a full ensemble of aesthetically spread highlighters, a yellow legal pad notebook and a pair of unused reading glasses. 

“I mean, I have a Masters in Engineering and it almost never comes up in conversation – because it’s not relevant.” Mcdonnell comments, exasperated. 

Browne’s friends had braced themselves for the moment they would be reminded yet again that she studies law, but it never came.

“Even when I started talking about how my lease is up, and I’ve been struggling to pay rent because of COVID, Corinne didn’t give me rental advice and mention to see a lawyer cause she’s still a law student and can’t give advice. It was a little unsettling to get through the entire story without being interrupted by her.”

The friends remain cautiously optimistic this would be the first of many meetups where Corinne refrains from reminding them of this basic fact about herself.

We’ll see. 



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