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Adorable:Naive Law Student Bookmarks Prescribed Readings In Genuine Belief She’ll Actually Read Them

It was a quiet Wednesday afternoon when Mia Johnson, a bright-eyed first-year law student, finally convinced herself to work through her Contract Law content.

With her seminar scheduled for Thursday morning, it was important that Mia had a strong grasp of the content.

“I always try to contribute to my seminars as much as possible. It’s the best way to learn. I always have my camera turned on as well. I like to hold myself accountable, even when studying at home.”

By the time Mia finally finished working through the content, it was already close to midnight. But, as she moved to the final step of the learning resources, Mia was confronted with a heart-shattering sight; 54 pages of reading.

In what has been described as a shocking twist of events, Mia bookmarked the readings, convinced she might actually revisit them.

“I’ll definitely do the reading once the seminar finishes. I’ve got all of Thursday afternoon free so I’ve got no excuse. I wouldn’t want to miss out on any important case law!”

Whilst Mia’s self-belief is undoubtedly admirable, it was clear that her efforts were nothing more than a waste of time.

We spoke to Rebecca Langford, a more seasoned, calloused law student.

“I haven’t even considered doing a reading in three years. As far as I’m concerned, prescribed readings are a myth perpetuated by overkeen first-year’s with too much energy. There’s no way she’ll actually sit down and read 54 pages of a textbook.”

It has been over a week since Mia first bookmarked those readings. Needless to say, they were never reopened.

Estimates suggest the textbook will now sit, unopened, on Mia’s bedside table for the next 12-18 months, at which point she’ll sell it at half the price she purchased it for.



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