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A Love Letter to M312

Student contribution: Sophie Lean

I first caught your eye in Year 12 when deciding my future – it was love at first sight.

I worked so hard for you in that last year of school, I knew it was a one-sided effort but I tried anyway. I hoped and prayed that you would come to love me as I poured hours over our relationship. Alas, it wasn’t until right at the end of that fateful year that we finally came together. Your confession I still remember, “Congratulations, you’ve been accepted into a Bachelor of Laws at Deakin University”. At the time, I believed a beautiful relationship would form and we would have a happy ending.

Oh how I was wrong.

It was rocky from the start, high expectations, spending too much time together, shying away our commitments to each other…Nothing felt right. But what was I to do? I was so obsessed with the thought of us, of our future. I spent so many hours considering our fate: Should we take a break? Should we break up? What will people think about me? I’ll never be able to rebound from you because in my eyes you’re superior to all else!

But…I still loved you, so I decided to stay.

It was hard work, but eventually we came together. We compromised. We found love again. We found each other. All the hard moments were worth it when I woke up one day to read ‘HD’ on my academic transcript.

We were meant to be together.



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