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Welcome to the DLSS

As a society, we are here to represent the academic, vocational, social and wellbeing interests of all Deakin University Law Students, promote interaction between Deakin University Law Students, address student concerns with the Law School, raise student awareness of contemporary legal issues and promote Deakin University Law Students to potential employers.

Where to from here?

Head over to see what our portfolios are up to (and what a portfolio is!)

We couldn't put on any of the fantastic events we hold, or host any networking sessions...or pay for the hosting of this website...without the help of our generous sponsors. Click on through to see who they are!


Have you even been to law school if you don't have a pile of 'Deakin Law' hoodies somewhere? Click through to our store and see if there's something that catches your eye (that is, if it's not sold out...)

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