Social justice refers to the basic belief of fair and just distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within society. The law has a critical role in addressing these inequalities, and creating meaningful change.


The Social Justice and Equity portfolio aims to engage Deakin Law students on the issues of social justice, equality, and opportunity, working to promote a culture of compassionate, informed and socially- conscious graduates. We encourage students to recognise areas where social justice and the law intersect and encourage them to use their talents in promoting a more just society.


This year, the portfolio aims to focus on career opportunities that exist within the Social Justice and Equity sectors, and inform students of the pathways they may choose to pursue as they begin their professional careers. Through this, we hope to highlight the ways in which students can continue to engage with their passion for justice and equality beyond university. We will also aim to address issues in a global context, discussing topics from a perspective that extends beyond Australia’s borders.