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The Queer Officer serves the LGBTIQ+ Deakin Law community and seeks to provide representation, diversity and meaningful inclusivity for students in the DLSS’ activities and initiatives.


It also serves as a point of contact for queer students, providing an open and respectful forum for the receipt of feedback and input from the queer community as to how the DLSS can best serve the interests of the LGBTIQ+ community.


The DLSS believe that students should feel confident and comfortable being themselves at university. We hope to foster a friendly, inclusive and active queer community that support each other throughout our legal journeys. 2020 is the inaugural year of the role, and we look forward to exploring the ways in which we can serve the queer community.Please keep an eye out throughout the year for more details on the events and initiates of the Queer Officer.

If you would like to get in touch with the Queer Officer, please contact Erik Hristovski on

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