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I lived it: Someone joked that they were only up to week 4


Reports have come in that Deakin law student George Hunt has joked that, despite it being week eleven, he is “only up to week four content lmao.”

“Oh my god, I’m so behind. Like I legit woke up, blinked and suddenly had all this work to do! It’s crazy how easy it is to fall behind in uni. Time to pull some all nighters to catch up, I’m going to fail the exam #stressedlawstudent lol.” George sent this to the group chat, which has been going strong since First Year Law Camp.

When friends replied saying the readings aren’t too long, and the lecturers are easy to comprehend, George laughed nervously.

“Ohhhh okay,” he said noncommittally.

This incident serves as one of many, as Hunt has often reported to be joking about how behind he is. In fact, he seems to spend more time complaining he is behind than actually catching up.

Some sources suggest it’s almost like George likes the attention of complaining more than the satisfaction of being up to date.

“I mean, the joke has been done to death. Yeah as law students we have other work and volunteering commitments out of uni, so it’s common to fall behind. But George always feels the need to shout it from the rooftops whilst standing on a soap box instead of taking steps to properly manage his time and actually be up to date.” An anonymous tip told Damages Incurred.

Exams are fast approaching, where George is expected to exclaim facetiously “when’s the exam?!”

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