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Final Year Law Student Still Not Quite Sure How To Pronounce ‘Clerkship’

Student contribution: Patricia Clarke

Local Deakin student Max Walsh has today discovered a perplexing problem that’s left him questioning everything he knows about the English language.

Our reporter spoke to him shortly after a DLSS panel apparently caused a lightbulb moment.

“Look, I go to class,” Max told us, needlessly defensive when speaking to a correspondent still finishing off Week 3. “But they never did a pronunciation guide or whatever.”

“It makes no sense that it’s ARK but that’s how the HR lady was saying it."

"Why would you even put an e in it then?”

“Anyway, I feel like it’s understandable that I said ERK in my mock interviews last year. And in that one comp I lost. And that whole networking night. And –”

Our reporter has curtailed Max’s list of embarrassing moments for the sake of brevity.

“Is this why I got no interviews last year?” He shook his head in dismay.

“What else am I saying wrong?”

​​Our correspondent is happy to report that Max was later seen happily correcting the pronunciation of a group of third years.

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