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The Competitions portfolio provides Deakin law students with a variety of competitions allowing you to further their practical legal skills.

Trimester 1 : Witness Examination
Trimester 1 : Client Interview
Trimester 1 :Senior Moot


Trimester 2 O-Week: Moot Workshop
Trimester 2 : Junior Moot
Trimester 2 : Legal Innovation
Trimester 2 : Senior Negotiation

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Negotiation allows Deakin Law Students to pose as solicitors in a battle of wits and quick thinking. With secret facts and hidden motives, teams must distinguish what is most important to their client and their opponent as they attempt to negotiate the best deal for their client. 


Client Interview

Students will step into the role of a lawyer in the Client Interview Competition. The aim of this competition is to ascertain relevant facts from a client. Working with clients is an essential skill as a lawyer, and not all clients will be willing to disclose all the information. It is your job to sort through the relevant and irrelevant facts during the course of an interview with a client and judge; and ultimately provide the client with any advice on their issues. 



Put your legal knowledge and skills to practice in this simulated trial as you create an argument on your client’s behalf through written and video submissions. Your goal is to win the case for your client, through researching relevant law and cases that may apply and learning the ins and outs of your client. Students will be assessed on their ability to adhere to formalities, strength of their arguments and knowledge of all facts relating to their client. 

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